Our family sang on the stage

We had a concert on last sunday.

Akio-san and his friends sang songs at this concert.

That was great!!

Of course our children attended to sing a song, too.

We sang"You are my sunshine."

We have practiced this song over and over every night.

Children like this song.

When Towa cries in the car, Wara always sings this song to him.

You can listen to our song at You tube.


We planted potatoes

Our wwoofers, Hester and Davin, and Akio-san planted potatoes this morning.
Akio-san thought now is the time to plant potatoes before the rain.

Wara-chan and I also helped to plant them.

First, we cut potatoes into quaters and then put some ashes on potatoes.

Therefore, potatoes wouldn't do bad in the soil.

Wara did a good job putting ashes and planting potatoes.

Akio-san, Hester and Devin planted all the potatoes before it started to rain.


I hope we can eat yummy potatoes this year again!


It's full moom today!

Cherry blossoms in Matsumoto Castle

I went to Matsumoto Castle with my children and wwoofers to see cherry blossoms at night.
We, Japanese people like to see the cherry blossoms in spring.

We usually need to pay money to enter the Castle, but we can enter for free at this cherry blossoms season.

Cherry blossoms were illuminated by the light at night during this season.
We were also able to listen to the traditional Japanese instruments.
What a beautiful songs they were!

There was also a tea ceremony in the castle garden.

I was happy to see the beautiful places there.


Humama garden

We took a break in our garden this morning.
Hu-mama want to made our garden like a Tasha Tudor.

Tasha Tudor is Amarican.She wrote many picture books for children.
And Her gerden is special and great.Humama love her gerden so much.

Now Humama admire her, she found many flowers bud in our garden, she
replanted them and make road in the gerden.

She imagin Towa will play in her gerden this summer.

It was fine day today, so we can see great mountain when we drink tea.


Family trip!!

I triped Nagoya, Shizuoka and Yokohama with my family from 6th until 10th on this month.
Our family go to trip once a year.But I hope if children will grow up, I would like to go to trip many times in a year!!

First, we went to Nagoya to meet Mizuho-kun and Mayumi-chan.Mizoho-kun was our neiborhoood. He finished his school in Nagoya in this March.
We went to his school.He painted nail art to my finger.

And We saw Mayumi-chan too.She was a wwoofer 2years ago.
We went to Nagoyakou-Aquarium with Mizuho-kun and Mayumi-chan.
It was so great. I like to see dolphins.I would like to swim with the dolphins someday.

After Nagoya, We went to Sizuoka to see Akio's brother's family.
They have 3 children.So Huwa and Wara are so happy to play with them.

Nextday, We went to Yokohama where I grew up. I met friends from high school.

I spend all good time with friens!!

This is a nice trip!!



It is a typical Japnese toy.
Huwa is playing with it everyday.
He is addicted to play Kendama.
It was given this by his elementary school.

Students have little skills of playing Kendama.
I will show you Huwa's playing.

First, he plays Kendama with songs, and then he plays like baseball.

He is getting new skill everyday.



I interviewed Jessica, Jenny and Chihiro today.They are wwoofer our farm now.Jessica leave here after this interview.I said to them "Would you talk about funing? "

Plese show this video.

Thank you very much Jessica, Jenny and Chihiro.